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Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH

Drone Videography: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com



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Drone Videography:

I'm HUGE fan of nature video of all sorts! And from this passion spurred an interest in aerial shots of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Rocks, Rivers, Streams and anything that conveys the sheer beauty in the mountains of Western North Carolina that I now call home.

I fly a DJI Mini 3 Pro and I would be happy to film your aerial project whether that be for a construction site, real estate, industrial inspections or even events like weddings or community festivals.

Please send me your inquiry and description of what it is you're needing aerial images or video footage of and I'll be happy to send you a quote. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please send your drone inquiries to:
racheldicksonoutdoors (at) gmail dot com











Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Rachel Dickson: outdoor enthusiast  |  voiceover artist  |  creator  |  drone videographer
Hendersonville, NC


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