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Rachel Newsletter: April 2012

Rachel Dickson artist enewsletter

Issue: April, Week 3       

GO, DO, Art:


Greetings Art Lovers!
I was pondering today as I was prepping the surface of a new piece of artwork I'm working on, "Why is it that people generally think they are not creative?  Why is art and the idea of creating so intimidating?"

Rachel Dickson in the studio, May 2012The answer that unfolded in my head was simple. It's because we distract ourselves with television, the Internet, smartphones, the news, radio, sporting events and on and on and on that list goes.  RATHER, if we would simply sit down and try our hand at creating something that we can call our own (whether that be a new dish in the kitchen, or writing a poem, or redesigning our living room, or writing an essay on a topic that interests us, or painting a painting) we might just impress ourselves!

We just need to stop our busy-time-filling-tactics and DO the creative things that have been whispering in the back of our minds!  After all, in order to create...one has to create.  It's simple.
Maybe in today's society we are primed to fear messing it up or doing it wrong or whatever the level of failure might be. But in art...there ARE NO RULES! So, if you've been wanting to learn how to play the guitar...GO, DO it! If you've been wanting to learn how to make pottery, then GO, DO it! After all, this is the ONLY way you'll know whether you like to create or not. Do it, then decide. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.





Where Audio meets ART:


Click here to check out sky.fm for yourself
I am, without question, an audio person. Got that from my dad. I grew up listening to radio and have grown to love inspirational audio! I'm tuned to hear it. For example, upon entering a shopping mall or retail store I automatically notice whether or not there is music playing in the background.

Audio inspires everyone, one way or another...no matter if it's music or talk.

So what is it that I listen to when I'm creating in the studio? Usually I reach for http://www.sky.fm for continuous online streaming of music that I can select by genre. (Check out "Nature," "Classic Piano Trios," "Solo Piano," "Piano Jazz," "Jazz Classics" among others.)

Other online streaming favorites that Rachel listens to:


Prairie Home Companion

Ted Talks

Have a favorite streaming audio source you want to share with Rachel?
Email: rachel at racheldickson.com


Check out Rachel's NEW, COOL friends, Page:


Click here to view Rachel's COOL Friends page
I don't think we give enough credit to where credit is due sometimes. Nor do I think it really cool that most accolades aren't given until AFTER those who've inspired us or left an impression on us one-way-or-another are gone. With that in mind, I've created a page on my website where I've begun listing some of those people. Titled "Cool Friends", it's on that page (obviously an evolving project) that I begin to tell their stories.

Click here to view Rachel's COOL Friends online.


Fresh from the Art Studio:


Introducing original mini-paintings, abstract on wood! If you are an avid art collector OR if you've been an art lover and have yet to start your personal collection, these little minis are perfect! Seven inches by seven inches?  Five inches by five inches? We all have space in our homes or office for a painting to fit that size.  Which is why I opted to paint small.  Affordable too!

To get a closer look, simply click on any of the images below.

When Nature Calls:


I recently had the pleasure of visiting one of my very favorite places in Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Within the park itself I've always felt drawn to the Greenbrier National Park area.

My mom and I were meandering up the Ramsey Cascade trail along the Little Pigeon river and stopped along the way to have a picnic lunch. A few feet away from where we were sitting was this truck sized rock. It was HUGE!

I couldn't help but think what a FABULOUS canvas that rock would be for some abstract water art. So off I went (nearly slipping into the creek at one point...to which mom chuckled..."don't fall in") and began to sling water onto the face of the rock...and the photo above is the result. I'm pretty sure that my joy in this experience had mostly to do with the fun in creating...not so much in the final result.

Yet another reason to embrace spontaneity.  Art is everywhere!


School Kills Creativity?:


Click to view video of Ken Robinson on Ted TalksThe Arts' role in schools has been a topic of debate for years! This dialogue is nothing new. But, has the quantity of time spent creating art OR the time spent being allowed to express the creative arts in schools increased over those years? Should it?

"Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity." Ted.com

The following thought provoking talk given by Ken Robinson is WELL worth the 19 minutes it takes to watch/listen. Click on the image above or simply click here.

Want MORE inspiration? Check out other Ted Talks!


Where does the time go?:


Faster than a rolling stone! By Rachel Dickson ArtistOn April 18th I turn 40 years old. I think it's AWESOME when you're filling out those online surveys and you're asked to select your age in the form of a category. Like 18-23 or 35-41 as compared to having to declare your specific age. Being asked your birth year also seems like a kinder, gentler way of declaring your age. Yet, regardless how you define it, time FLIES doesn't it?

This little painting represents that feeling of time flying by. "Faster than a Rolling Stone" is a mini-abstract on wood. Measuring less than 4 inches by 4 inches this piece would make a great addition to your table decor or that little spot on the wall that is crying out for a red accent!

Click here to view "Faster than a Rolling Stone" on the online gallery.

Worried about not having enough wall space to add this to your collection? NOT TO WORRY! It's a mini-abstract original measuring only 3.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall...AND the BEST part???? It's affordable! With shipping it's less than $31 dollars. YEP!

Purchase "Faster than a Rolling Stone" for your own collection or give as a gift.


What's on Rachel's Bookshelf?:.


I LOVE to read!  But yes, I know, not everyone does.  So if you don't give two rips around reading...skip this section.  Otherwise, read on!

Just something about the written word!  Check 'em out.




Got a book you like? Tell me about it!


Check out Rachel's Art Store on Etsy:


Click here to Shop at Rachel's online Art Store!
Have you ever heard of Etsy.com? I hadn't until I purchased some custom made jewelry from robandlean's etsy shop on this AMAZING online marketplace! Self-proclaimed as "the world's handmade marketplace" Etsy.com is truly a marketplace chocked FULL of handmade original goods!  You'll find everything on Etsy.com from paintings, to jewelry, to glass, to furniture, to everything in between!

Click here to shop online at Rachel's Art Store on Etsy.


The Daily Blog:


Click here to read Rachel Dickson's blog
"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."   Teddy Roosevelt

This quote is prominently displayed near my desk as a reminder to not be a whiner about what I don't have and to embrace what I currently DO have to work with.

The Daily Blog is full of such personal inspirations and aspirations. You will find daily musings, adventure recaps, talk about personal thought topics and much more at Rachel's blog. Certainly the most comprehensive place online that you'll find the goings-on with Rachel.

Go, Do, BE!


Graduation is Right Around the Corner
Give the Gift of ART:


We all know there are many special dates, holidays, occasions and reasons to give gifts. And Graduation is right around the corner. Click here to shop for artful gift giving ideasBut how many times have we received a gift that felt empty or simply obligatory? So why give a gift that implies obligatory?  Make it special...give ART!

CLASS of 2012 Art!

As that young person you know is celebrating the beginning of a new era in their life...why not give them something that they will cherish for the rest of their life? Give ART!

Click here to select your graduating senior's art gift.


Artists that I LIKE!:


Constance Williamgs , encaustic artist, Asheville, NC.Encaustic is just a COOL form of art. That's all there is to it! Don't know what encaustic is? No worries, as of a few years ago, I hadn't either. It's basically a hot wax (usually bees wax) that's colored with pigment and applied to a hard surface.

I KNOW! Crazy to think that you can use hot gooey colored wax to create works of art...wait til you see the artwork itself!

Constance Williams lives and creates in Asheville, NC. I had the pleasure of stumbling upon her studio one day and was met with some of the most amazing works of art. And even more amazing was to watch her creative process!

A question that came to mind as I walked through Constance's studio gallery was what inspires her color palette? So I asked. Her answer? "The colors of nature as I drive into work each day. The Blue Ridge mountains never look the same from one day to the next."

Click here to view Constance Williams' encaustic art.


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Do You...Facebook?:


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Rachel Dickson, artist, outdoor enthusiast
As evidenced through various snippets in this enewsletter, you might can tell that I had the privilege to visit the Smoky Mountains recently. Which means that there are many many new paintings floating around in my head waiting to get out onto some wood canvases!

So I better get back into the studio so I can start creating those new pieces asap!

In the mean time, if you like what you see in this enewsletter, please tell others about it! Please note here...that one of my goals in publishing this enewsletter is simply to inspire you to become your best self!

"Let everything you do be done as if it makes a difference." William James

Be your best self.  And if you then find yourself right smack in the middle of being a role model...then lead by being YOU first! The rest generally comes much easier after that.



Questions? Comments? Snide Remarks?
email rachel at racheldickson.com



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