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Rachel Newsletter: June 2012

Rachel Dickson artist enewsletter

Issue: June, Week 1       

A most useless place:


Greetings, Art Lovers!

I tend to ponder a lot. And my most recent ponderable topic...is that of (as Dr. Seuss says in his book "Oh, the Places You'll Go") "a mos
t useless place. The waiting place." Here's Dr. Seuss' full description of the waiting place.

"The Waiting Place......for people just waiting. Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go or the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow or the waiting around for a Yes or No or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting. Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for the wind to fly a kite or waiting around for Friday night or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil, or a Better Break or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.
Everyone is just waiting. NO! That's not for you! Somehow you'll escape all that waiting and staying. You'll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing."
(an excerpt from Oh, the Places You'll Go)

As I pondered this topic, my thoughts morphed more into holding on to things of our past. Memories, experiences, standards of various sorts, daily routines, etc, etc. A different type of waiting I suppose...waiting for it to happen again?
I'm reminded of a couple I met once. They each described their lives previously being about international travel and career related encounters...and they described it in a manner of "that's who we were...and we're feeling a bit out of place right now because we are retired and we aren't those people any more."  Which of course screams of a yearning for the past, a sort of holding on and unwillingness to move forward. Attachment to external experiences in a "who we were" sort of manner. I wondered if I would ever feel that way.
Is this feeling maybe more to do with being proud of who we were in those instances? Those instances of feelings of belonging?
I have since found myself pondering this topic because I have arrived at what I'll call life's crossroads...or life changes. It certainly takes some adjusting and some allowing and some embracing. It also takes trust. Trusting in yourself to not falter or waiver from the deeper part of yourself...of who you really are. For the sails of your sailboat to catch wind like they're made to do.
I'm coming to learn that lingering in "the waiting place" for very long can be debilitating. Which is why we MUST keep moving forward! Don't linger for long. You might miss your next greatest thing while clutching to that last greatest thing. Let go and allow.
This same phenomena occurs during painting too! I often reach a place in a painting and it doesn't feel quite right, doesn't look right. The colors aren't working together, or the canvas feels out-of-balance. Sometimes I walk away and return later to segway right into the next needed brush stroke. Other times I stand determined to push through, moving forward and soon a new finished work of art appears out of the mist.
Waiting can be show-stopping. Holding-on can be crippling. Allow, breath, embrace. All will be well. Trust.

What do you think?





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Give the Gift of ART:


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ok, now THIS is just COOL!:


This is COOL art!Digital art has been around for a LONG time...and yet still struggles to be considered art by the art minded.

I stumbled upon this little gem of a video that not only incorporates digital art...but also incorporates music! I think this is a beautiful example of how art can expand our perspective using color, movement and sound. (And this also totally reminds me of something you might have seen as a child while watching Sesame Street)

Click here to view some COOL digital ART!


Fresh from the Art Studio:


Arbor, by artist Rachel DicksonIntroducing original mini-paintings, abstract on wood! If you are an avid art collector OR if you've been an art lover and have yet to start your personal collection, these little minis are perfect! Seven inches by seven inches?  Five inches by five inches? We all have space in our homes or office for a painting to fit that size. Which is why I opted to paint small. Affordable too!


To get a closer look, simply click on any of the images below.

Artists that I LIKE!:


Jin Powell, sculptor artistI have NEVER before seen sculpture work like Jin Powell creates! Jin creates thought provoking, beautifully emotional figures.

Through casting and fabrication, each of this artist’s sculptures is unique. Jin explains that when people purchase a piece from her they say the figure was calling to them and after seeing it, they couldn’t be without it. Every detail is intentional and conveys the movement of the emotion. There exists in these works the joyous feeling of pure abandon. Jin captures movement and grace through the modeled fabric that isn’t quite keeping up with the figure. Each sculpture is a “snap shot in time”.

Vivid blues, splashed with scarlets and yellows accented with oranges create feelings of celebration. Like sunrises and sunsets, the vibrancy of color enhances the feelings elicited by each piece.

Click here to view more of Jin Powell's work


Check out Rachel's COOL friends:


Click here to view Rachel's COOL Friends page
I don't think we give enough credit to where credit is due. Nor do I think it really cool that most accolades aren't given until AFTER those who've inspired us or left an impression on us one-way-or-another are gone. With that in mind, I've created a page on my website where I've begun listing some of those people. Titled "Cool Friends", it's on that page (obviously an evolving project) that I begin to tell their stories.

Click here to meet Rachel's COOL friends.


View Rachel's Art For Sale:


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Rachel has partnered with etsy.com as an art purchase portal. This makes viewing the artwork easy...and purchasing the art even easier! Looking for new paintings to buy that are affordable? Look here!

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The Art and Fun Blog:


Click here to read Rachel Dickson's blog
"Fun is good."   Dr. Suess

"Art is fun."   Rachel Dickson

The Rachel's daily Blog is full of such personal inspirations and aspirations and fun moments. You will find daily musings, announcements of paintings fresh from the studio, adventure recaps, and much more at Rachel's blog. Certainly the most comprehensive place online that you'll find the goings-on with Rachel.

Go, Do, BE!

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Dance to the beat of your own drum!:


Every day we face trials and tribulations mostly from outside ourselves. This painting is dedicated to inspire us ALL to dance to the beat of our own drum! Measuring 9.25"x7.25" this original abstract painting would be a great accent to any part of your home, place of work or place of play.Click here to view Dance to the beat of your own drum

Original Abstract Art!

Or need a little artsy gift to give that special someone? Give ART!

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Rachel Dickson, always looking for a good prop
I find that life with props can be super WAY fun! A few days ago, Isabella, (Chris' 13 year old) Reese (the lil fox terrier in this photo that appears not to be amused at ALL, yet interested enough to stand still for the photo) and I went into the woods and hiked a trail at a local park together. While be-bopping along this knobby hunk-of-wood caught my eye (fortunately no bugs came swarming out or crawled down my arm, which certainly would have added to this photo). It immediately reminded me of a torch, which then made me think of the Statue of Liberty. Hence the pose I struck for this photo.
I imagine that if anyone would have approached us all at this point we would have got the "what the...?" look! But I can't pass up a photo op, especially one that involves a prop! Be watchful, these moments jump out at you when you least expect it.
Until next time...enjoy your life! After all...we are the ones creating it.



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