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Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH

Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH


Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Home

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Q and A with Rachel:

How do you go about selecting what you depict in a painting?

I think this is a pretty common question posed to artists. And the answers are as different as night is to day from one artist to the next.
There are a lot of things that play into what I choose to paint. Just a few are color pallette (what colors I want to paint with), content (whether it's going to be an abstract or a landscape or something else) and my recent thought topics (which often times also influence my color choices).

Do you find being a lesbian artist influences whether you are treated any differently by art buyers or art galleries?

That's sort of a subjective question. Having owned and operated an art gallery I tend to pay really close attention to how people react or respond to their surroundings. The way a person dresses, to how they speak, to how they carry themselves...all these things way into this question.
I definitely have seen my share of "looks" from people that attend art openings when I dress more masculine with my haircut really short, but this also I think it directly related to what part of the country I'm in too. What the community is like has everything to do with a familiarity with diversity.  If you're in a very small community and you're "different" than everyone else...you tend to stand out. However, if you're in a large, diverse community, no one cares...everyone just sort of meshes together like organs of a body.
A painting's content has a lot of influence here too! I don't paint in-your-face-feminist content which I think unfortunately that sort of artwork is underappreciated and scares people to an extent.  The lesbian artists who paint more in-your-face sort of work seem to tend to have more of a lesbian following.
That said, as a lesbian, and as an art collector, I'm always looking for art that is more of a female related content and this type of classy, professional and original work that I like is hard to find.

Do you like to dance?

I LOVE to dance! Naturally it's not uncommon for me to dance while painting in my studio, but the kitchen seems a common place for breaking out in a dance too. Music blaring...I can't help but jumping around. And it seems that no matter where you break out into a dance...everyone around you smiles. I think dance is the great equalizer. Car dancing is WAY fun too! Take a glance at the people in the cars around you and everyone will be smiling back at you!

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you pick?

Two people I'd LOVE to meet! Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart. Gosh, I'd love to have been in the cockpit of that plane when Amelia gave Eleanor a ride over Washington! Would have LOVED to hear their conversation and pipe in with some chatter of my own.

Which celebrity have people said you remind them of?

Hah, the answer to that one is hillarious to me. Many times I've been compared to Ellen Degeneres...and I supposed that's because I like to dance. I always take that as a huge compliment. I think Ellen is very cool and is an example for us all to embrace ourselves for who we are regardless of what others may think or say about it. She's a huge role-model for being yourself and for laughing at yourself.

I've also been told I remind people of Rachel Maddow. I think she is a fabulous example of embracing what you're good at and people respect her for that.

What got you interested in creating audio?

I have played around with recording since I was little. My dad had a lot to do with my interest in audio. I grew up listening to the radio on Saturdays and hearing a lot of radio drama. He had a cassette tape recorder and so did my grandfather. I asked him to borrow it when I was like 8 years old or something and my first recording was me reading a kids book about a robin learning how to fly and my sister coming into the room and then an argument ensues. It's pretty funny.
I have had a passion for radio and sound and storytelling for as long as I can remember. Current radio shows like Prairie Home Companion, RadioLab, the Ted Radio Hour and Snap Judgment are all favorites of mine.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

Play it Right by Sylvan Esso
Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Angel from Montgomery by John Prine
Forget About it by Allison Krauss
Gravity by John Mayer
Half Acre by Hem
OMG by Usher
Power of Two by Indigo Girls
Stones in the Road by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Realize by Colbie Caillat
Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles
Hometown Glory by Adele

More Q&A to be featured very soon!