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Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH

Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH



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Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Meet Rachel

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About Rachel Dickson:

Rachel grew up in rural Northwest Ohio (aka, surrounded by corn and soybean fields and often encountering farm implements while riding up and down the country roads).

She came to love art in a non-traditional manner and somewhat backwards. In her twenties she met an artist who had a very strong passion for art…which led to her meeting more artists who had the same passion. Turns out…those artists were yearning for an outlet in which to show and sell their work to the public. That’s where Rachel entered the art scene.

Rachel's work experience somewhat accidentally became about gaining consumers trust and spreading the word (marketing) about her company. Rachel learned much of her marketing skills while representing a whitewater rafting company based out of Gatlinburg, TN as the marketing director (Rafting in the Smokies). And wow, whitewater rafting is was easy sell for her. Who DOESN’T want to go whitewater rafting?

Art however, turned out to be a bit of a tougher sell. Rachel owned and managed the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art in Jackson, TN. Which was where she learned about the intangibles of fine art sales. Rachel learned to appreciate art for the art first, and then began to appreciate the art of creating second.

Rachel represented over 30 artists from the fall of 2004 until the summer of 2008 from the Jackson area of West Tennessee. And WOW, what an experience. Not a week goes by that she doesn't reflect on something that had to do with those days. From storms blowing in during her first big art show opening (involving photographs of “The Gates” of Central Park New York) to shaving her head for Curesearch and St. Baldricks (benefiting childhood cancer research) to a packed house for Jacque Hillman Jewelry shows to online radio shows to being featured in Southern Living Magazine to three of her artists being featured on the Tennessee Crossroads PBS T.V. show to receiving the "Emerging Business Pinnacle Award" for small business from the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce. Rachel learned so much about art during those years.

All in the meanwhile she had been pondering and thinking on creating paintings of her own. It was as if art was welling up inside of her. So, to those years…Rachel says "thank you". And she carries forward the torch of learning and inspiration and simply letting creative flow come forth.

Which of course is why you are viewing these paintings today. All of these come from the experience of those times coupled with an intense absorption of all things art. Rachel LOVES to view new artwork, especially paintings. To view the colors used and the composition and the final product…that is where her education and knowledge comes from. Ten thousand hours of observation. Watching and learning from looking at artwork. What gives? What’s new? What’s not? What’s copied? What’s original? And everything in between.

So we trust you will enjoy what you see in her artwork. Rachel's passionate about abstract art. And too many people allow abstract work to be intimidating and there’s no need for that. Learn what you like…and LOVE it!

Yes....Rachel loves EVERYthing outdoors too (which of course is where she gleans much of her color inspiration). And yes, Rachel served in the US Army Reserve as a Postal Platoon Leader and she also served in the Tennessee Army National Guard.

Now retired from officiating, Rachel was a high school basketball and volleyball referee and women's college basketball referee for a combined total of 17 years.

She now lives in Delta, Ohio and works full-time as a conductor for the Norfolk Southern Railroad out of Toledo, Ohio. She paints when she can!

Rachel's paintings are now available for sale here on this website.






Rachel loving life! Rafting with Rafting in the Smokies.


Rachel Dickson and art emersion. (Emerging Business Award, Jackson Chamber of Commerce)


Rachel Dickson in the US Army


 Rachel with her young artist officianato, Jillian!


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Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Rachel Dickson: artist  |  writer  |  outdoor enthusiast
Delta, Ohio ~ rachel at racheldickson dotcom


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